Pre-planning a Burial at Sea

"Most of us are unprepared before making these purchases. We don't know what we need to know because we make funeral arrangements so infrequently. The emotions surrounding having to make these arrangements when a loved one has died, or when we prearrange our own funeral, may cloud our judgment. It's never easy to think about funeral and burial arrangements, but finding out about them in advance is easier than coping with them at a time of need"

-- A.A.R.P.

"We spend our lives planning for what possibly lies ahead. We buy car insurance each year in case we have an accident. We save for college in case the children want to go to college. We plan for contingencies, for things that may happen. But how few of us plan for what we all know will happen? Few people preplan their funeral arrangements, leaving the burden, instead, to their loved ones at a most trying time..."

--  Sea Services


       Preplanning funeral arrangements :

  • Insures that your wishes are met.

  • Helps your survivors in their time of need.

  • Permits time for planning, to choosing the best providers.

  • Relieves the financial burden from your loved ones.

What does Sea Services Provide?

Sea Services provides the maritime portion of the funeral service. While this can include charter vessel services, where family and friends can attend a service designed by you, most families simply choose to have us bury cremated remains at sea in a private service.

Normally, a $195 fee is paid for this burial, and at the time of need, the cremated remains are transported to Sea Services by the family or funeral home. We provide the burial and send a certificate memorializing the event.


What other arrangements can I preplan?

While funeral arrangements vary depending on needs and desires, most of a family's needs are provided by a funeral director. One advantage of preplanning is the ability to select a funeral provider who offers the specific service you desire at a pre-arranged price.

If cremation is chosen, many opt for a traditional viewing, or wake, where visitors may attend a service at the funeral home. After the services are complete, a crematory performs the cremation. Others choose direct cremation, where the deceased is transported directly to a crematory.

With either option, the family can choose the disposition of the cremated remains. Burial at sea is becoming an increasingly popular choice, and Sea Services can assist in planning a sea burial anywhere. Other alternatives are traditional interment in a grave site, placement in a mausoleum or "columbarium," scattering over land or simply saving the cremated remains in an urn at home.

Whatever your desires, a funeral professional will be glad to discuss the options and their prices.  Or call Sea Services to discuss sea burial choices. We are the nation's oldest maritime funeral provider and would be happy to answer all your questions.


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